Become a Foster Parent

In Pennsylvania there are over 20,000 children and teens in the foster care system. You can help make a real impact to help with this daunting need by sharing your life, love and home with teens in crisis. You can bring lasting change by helping ensure safety, rebuilding trust and restoring a healthy family atmosphere.

Community Service Foundation (CSF) offers the following employment opportunities to help the youth we serve feel a greater sense of self-worth and find success in their lives:

  • Full-Time Live-in Foster Parenting
  • Full-Time Foster Parenting
  • Respite Foster Parenting

Email [email protected] or phone 610-442-0774 for more information and to apply.

Our Mission

CSF Foster Care strives to meet the needs of dependent and delinquent youth by providing an array of services within a structured and nurturing family setting. CSF Foster Care culture reflects our commitment to the fundamental philosophies of restorative practices, including adherence to our Basic Concepts, Fair Process, and encouraging youth to support each other through Responsible Concern. CSF Foster Care aspires to enhance the quality of life of youth, improve familial relationships, ensure safety and promote a greater sense of self-worth for all youth placed in our care.

Our Goal

The initial goal for all youth entering the foster care system is reunification with their biological family when it is possible and safe. If that is not possible, a permanent alternative for the youth is the next step. CSF follows all court ordered treatment and permanency plans. We work in the best interests of the child while supporting you, the foster family, as you care for them.

Our Approach: Trauma-focused and restorative practices

Our focus on the effects of trauma allow us to provide compassionate and effective responses to negative behaviors. Restorative practices, the science of relationships and community, gives voice to youth and their families. Our focus on the use of fair process and emphasis on strengths supports youth to reach their full potential.

Restorative and trauma-focused practices create a sense of safety, structure and stability. We will teach you the skills needed to stick with youth through the hard times and build resiliency. Youth become more socially and emotionally competent and have a noted increase in positive behaviors, preparing them to successfully return home or become independent.

We strive for successful placements of youth in our homes

CSF receives referrals from county child welfare agencies. Our placement specialist and coordinator work diligently to match a youth with the best foster family to meet their needs. As a foster parent you will collaborate with our counseling team and have a voice to make placements in each foster home successful.

Who can be a foster parent?

Foster parents are individuals and couples over the age of 21, who are financially stable and can pass background checks. We provide ongoing training and support in a team environment, while you help us to fulfill our mission. With opportunities in Bucks, Montgomery and surrounding counties, we look to partner with compassionate people dedicated to the restoration of youth and families through quality care and services.

Why you should partner with Community Service Foundation?

Working with CSF Foster Care is a rewarding opportunity, during which you will help children and families work through very hard times in their lives.

“There is never a ‘perfect time’ to foster, just a lot of opportunities to say yes despite the many reasons you have to say no.”-  Jason Johnson

Kids in crisis can’t wait. Inquire now!

Email [email protected] or phone 610-442-0774.