Continuity of Education Plan

Goal of Plan:
As a licensed, private academic alternative program that serves local education agencies (LEAs) in 9 counties, Buxmont Academy’s goal is to provide continued academic instruction and socialemotional support to our students.

Overview of Plan:
Our 5 school sites offer a daily instructional schedule, synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences through the Edgenuity learning management system (LMS), and opportunities for individual and small group support with both academic and counseling staff.

Expectations for Teaching and Learning:
As of April 14, 2020, all students will be offered the opportunity for continuity of education through planned instruction/enrichment and review.

Communication Tools and Strategies:
Students will use Edgenuity, our online educational platform. Our students are familiar with this LMS and used it while at our school sites. In addition, online video conference calls, phone calls, texting, and email will be used for communication and support. Both regular and special education teachers are working with students who do not have access to technology to provide them with the same content as their peers in non-digital form.

Access (Devices, Platforms, Handouts):
All students and their families have been contacted to ensure they have internet access and appropriate devices. We have secured technology for students identified as needing access and have provided other non-digital academic content for students who choose not to use technology.

Staff Expectations:
Buxmont Academy staff will follow their daily expected work schedule. In addition, all academic and counseling staff will establish office hours for students seeking additional academic and/or therapeutic support. Staff will reach out to students regularly to check on their well-being and academic progress.

Student Expectations:
Buxmont Academy students are expected to work daily on their academics and to attend weekly group and individual sessions with support staff. Students will have opportunities for synchronous and asynchronous lessons and to meet individually with staff for academic or social-emotional support.

All staff are taking daily attendance. Parents are notified of absences. Weekly progress reports are given to parents.

Good Faith Efforts for Access and Equity for All Students:
Students at Buxmont Academy will have opportunities for real-time access to their counselors, regular education teachers, and special education teachers between the hours of 8:15 a.m. and 2:15 p.m.

Special Education and Gifted Students Supports:
Buxmont Academy is providing virtual team and IEP meetings to ensure that timelines are maintained. Students with IEPs and GIEPs will continue to receive supports, accommodations, and modifications to the best of our abilities in this remote learning environment. Staff will share updates and communication with families weekly. Meeting documents will be provided digitally.

Building/Grade-Level Contacts:
Each school site has posted contact information for their respective students on our Edgenuity platform. All parents have contact information available to them.

Resource Links:
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Commonwealth of PA: Response to COVID-19