Academics and Counseling

Students improve their academic performance, focusing on their unique abilities and needs in our small school environments. We work with students for as few as 45 days, while other students remain longer to earn a Pennsylvania Department of Education-recognized Buxmont Academy diploma. The average stay is nine months.

We support the whole student

  • General education grades 7-12
  • Special education grades 7-12
  • Small, engaging classes
  • Differentiated instruction and one-on-one tutoring
  • Edgenuity – blended-learning curriculum (teacher and on-line) that provides rigorous academics for a seamless transition back to public school

Comprehensive academic program

Our students receive a first-rate education in all subject areas. For more than 40 years, we have worked with 100 school districts in Pennsylvania and western New Jersey, continuously developing our program to meet changing needs and requirements.

  • Keystone and PSSA Exam preparation and administration
  • Technology skills in state-of-the-art computer labs
  • Credit recovery for students who have fallen behind
  • Coaching for SAT and GED
  • Students graduate with a Pennsylvania Department of Education-approved Buxmont Academy diploma
  • Rediker Student Information System provides student and parent portal and allows records access to districts

We don’t give up on kids

Our counselors help youth and families:

  • Deal with emotional, behavioral, mental health or self-esteem issues
  • Tackle disruptive, aggressive, impulsive or ungovernable behavior
  • Address drug or alcohol abuse problems
  • Transition from detention, drug treatment programs or shelters
  • Transform angry, aggressive behavior with Aggression Replacement Training®

“Being at Buxmont has brought out an even better version of him than even I knew. It just took teachers and staff that really understand him and have the great qualities that the Buxmont school staff possess.”
Parent Testimonial