Community Service Foundation (CSF) Services

Welcome to CSF! For over 40 years, CSF has served youth and families. Restorative practices are at the core of our services, helping youth understand the impact of their behavior on themselves and others and take responsibility for their actions.

We help youth find the internal motivation to make less destructive choices and restore meaningful connections with their families and communities. Youth learn the social and emotional skills needed to become positive, productive members of society.

We look forward to working with you and your family and helping you achieve your goals.

Foster Care

  • Fully immersed in the restorative environment of our safe, stable home settings, young people gain self-discipline and life skills
  • When coordinated with our READY services, everyone from houseparents to counselors work together to help youth succeed

READY – Restore, Empower and Develop Youth

  • Students receive daily group counseling, life skills and individual attention
  • Our experienced counseling staff support change through the power of building strong relationships

Community Based Services

Conferencing Services
  • Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) brings together family and friends to support and help parents and caregivers develop a plan for the future of their family
  • A Restorative Conference is a process where people deal with wrongdoing and conflict and have an opportunity to have a say in the outcome
  • Family Finding, Crisis Rapid Response and Family Team Meeting are new conferencing services to increase family engagement
Community Based Aggression Replacement Training®
  • Evidence-based program focuses on teaching social skills, anger management and moral reasoning
  • Learn and practice interpersonal skills, manage emotions effectively, improve communications and decision-making
  • Meets one hour during the week and two hours on Saturday, with transportation provided
Restorative Reporting Centers (RRC)
  • Highly structured 20-week program, six days per week
  • Helps youth improve in social and interpersonal skills, academic performance and responsibility
  • Provides meaningful community service experiences
  • Weekly family nights support parents to help sustain changes
Intensive Program (IP)
  • Licensed outpatient drug and alcohol treatment
  • Individual and family counseling (in the client’s home)
  • Drug and alcohol group counseling at one of our facilities (transportation can be provided)
  • Drug testing and community service in compliance with court expectations
Home Community Supervision (HCS)
  • In-home individual counseling sessions foster self-awareness, self-control and responsibility
  • Family sessions build a network of support for success and positive growth
  • Keeps families in tact by preventing or easing transition from placement