Restorative Practices

Buxmont Academy and CSF are model programs of the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) Graduate School. The IIRP is a national and world leader in restorative practices professional development and graduate-level study. Each year, tens of thousands of educators across the country use IIRP materials to learn skills to improve their schools and to help young people thrive.

Stated simply, restorative practices is a collection of engagement practices that encourage growth, choice and change. Buxmont Academy and CSF pioneered these practices with youth for over 40 years, and now through our collaboration with the IIRP Graduate School, we are helping advance this emerging social science.

As President of Buxmont Academy and CSF, and Provost of the IIRP, I ensure that as restorative practices theory advances, our staff are trained by the IIRP to put the new learning into practice. Conversely, I am proud of how Buxmont Academy and CSF staff are helping to shape the future direction of theory and research development in the field. The big winners are the youth and families we serve.

Craig W. Adamson, Ph.D.
President, Buxmont Academy and CSF

Restorative practices is the science of relationships and community

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